6 beauty brands that are smashing online retail

By Paazl
February 13, 2019

One of the biggest barriers in e-commerce is that customers cannot test products before they buy. This is an issue for beauty brands in particular. With so many different skin tones, eye colours, hair colours and so on to consider. How can cosmetics brands give their customers the confidence to buy something they have only seen in digital form? Here are six beauty brands that have managed just that.

1. Sephora

Let’s start at the obvious place. American cosmetic giants Sephora have the resources to invest in augmented reality shopping. So let’s take a look at what you can get if money is no object. Sephora’s Visual Artist is the answer. Online shoppers can upload a photo of themselves – or choose a model with a similar complexion – and digitally try on make-up to find the shade that suits their skin type. This is a move sure to send online conversion rates soaring.

2. Trinny London

Now let’s head to the other end of the spectrum. Beauty start-up Trinny London puts personalisation at the heart of their plans to revolutionise the UK beauty market.

Their Match2Me beauty consultation tool encourages users to input their eye, hair and skin colour and then select the tone that corresponds to their colouring. The customer is then given a personalised selection of the products that are most suited to them.

The service was build by data scientists and is based on over 500 makeovers conducted by the Trinny London team. What about the results I hear you say. Well with over 50% of their website visitors using the service, it is clear that it is providing a much needed confidence boost for consumers looking to try a new line of cosmetics.

3. Bare Minerals

Almost no industry is as well suited to automatic ordering as the beauty industry. Which is why we are glad to see beauty brands such as Bare Minerals taking advantage of the opportunity to ensure their customers make their repeat orders directly from them.

This cosmetics brand separates their delivery options into One-Time Delivery and Auto Delivery. Their Auto Delivery option allows the customer to make a choice as to how regularly they make a repeat order. The information that three months is the most popular option gives the customer the added incentive to select that option.

4. Beauty Bay

Of course we had to include something entirely delivery related. Because, well, we think that delivery is the biggest game-changer in e-commerce.

One way that online brands can provide a delivery experience worth talking about is by giving options. Cosmetics brand, Beauty Bay are a great example of this.

Their UK customers have five delivery options – although same-day delivery is only available in certain areas – enabling the customers to pick and choose the option that suits their schedule.

5. The Body Shop

We had to include The Body Shop in our list of beauty brands that are smashing online retail. Why we hear you ask? Because of the sheer amount of product information they have available.

From reviews – two thirds of online shoppers check reviews before making a purchase, eMarketer 2018 – to chatbots, there are plenty of ways for consumers to find out all the information they need to purchase with confidence.

6. Urban Decay

Let’s end by moving into the post-purchase phase. One of the biggest pain points in e-commerce is returns.

How often have you ordered an item that is not quite right and kept it anyway just because the returns process is too much hassle? Guilty? Yes us too! So it shouldn’t be surprising to find out that 67% of online shoppers check an online merchant’s returns policy before making a purchase, Invesp.

Urban Decay tackle any returns worries head on with their “Love it or leave it” guarantee. If you have an hassle-free returns policy – and if you don’t you really should – shout about it from the rooftops.

Let your customers know that buying directly from your brand’s websites is as easy as buying from a bigger third-party retailer. Then sit back and watch your conversion go up.

How can you smash online retail too?

Feeling inspired to up your e-commerce game? Whether you are a cosmetics brand or not we can all learn something from these six examples.

If you are really serious about boosting your conversion online why not start with providing a delivery service that knocks your customers’ socks off? Yes that’s right! A delivery experience which is easy and fits around your customers and their schedules is guaranteed to have them coming back for more.

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