5 ways e-commerce checkouts drive customers crazy

By Paazl
October 29, 2018

We are in an age where online shopping offers the ultimate convenience. But before you can have your shopping delivered to your doorsteps you need to get through the checkout screen. From multiple form filling to website errors there are multiple reasons why customers drop off at this point. Don’t let a cumbersome checkout lose you customers. Here are five ways that e-commerce checkouts drive customers crazy so you can ensure your checkout doesn’t fall prey to them.

1. Needing to fill out information twice

Why are e-commerce checkouts such a conversion killer? Maybe it is something to do with the fact that they involve multiple form filling some of which is unnecessary and can be easily avoided.

Billing and delivery addresses

All e-commerce checkouts should automatically provide the option to have the same billing and delivery address, so no customer has to input their address twice. This is basic stuff and most e-commerce checkouts do this as standard, but there are still a few who don’t.

Save account details

Ever wondered why you spend half your salary at Amazon? It could have something to do with the fact that once you have created an account they save all your delivery addresses and payment details so the next time you decide to make a purchase you are pressing ‘buy now’ within a few clicks. It costs us a fortune too!

What can we learn from this? If your customers have an account with you, saving their delivery address, billing address and payment details makes buying with you easy so they will keep coming back to you rather than go elsewhere.

2. Needing a password to proceed

So you want to buy from a website, but you have forgotten your password. You try to check out as a guest, but you are unable to proceed because you already have an account. So you are forced to go through the whole fiasco of resetting your password. Frustrating right? And you haven’t even entered the checkout at this stage.

Even e-commerce giants ASOS who can seemingly do no wrong do not allow customers who have an account to checkout as a guest. We would like to see guest checkouts being available to registered and non-registered customers so the purchasing process is as swift as it can be.

3. No guest checkout

Brands that don’t provide the option to checkout as a guest need to give it some serious consideration.

Guest checkouts work for brands because they reduce cart abandonment rates and get the customer into the payment screen faster. By doing both these things they ultimately increase conversion. Guest checkouts work for customers because they make the checkout shorter so they can make their purchase and be on their way quickly with minimal hassle.

4. Lack of delivery information

According to the Baymard Institute unexpected costs such as delivery are the reason for 60% of abandoned carts.

Prevent any nasty surprises in the checkout by being transparent about your delivery costs and options early on.

Shoe brand Clarks are an example of a brand that are transparent with their delivery options and prices throughout the purchasing journey. On each product page they list their delivery options along with the cost, so their customers are fully informed before entering the checkout.

5. No customer support

If a customer runs into trouble in the checkout and has nowhere – or no one –  to turn to they are most likely going to leave the checkout and not return. Good e-commerce checkouts have the contact details of their customer support team in the checkout screen. Great e-commerce checkouts have the option to online chat with a support agent.

We like this example from Dutch brand No Label. They give their customer support agent a name and a face –  because no one likes talking to people they don’t know – and the option to chat online, call or email. Easy!


Let’s not beat around the bush, checkouts are a pain for customers and a pain for brands. However, by utilising your checkout design you can make the process as frictionless as possible. For more tips on optimising your e-commerce checkout take a look at our blog post 10 reasons for cart abandonment and what to do about them or download our whitepaper where we study 25 e-commerce fashion brands and rate each on the quality of their checkout delivery information and experience.

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