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5 tips to improve your delivery strategy with multi-carrier shipping

What are your goals for the future? Boost sales, drive conversion and ultimately improve your margins?

That makes it you, and every other e-commerce brand on the web. But how can you convert these goals into reality? Your multi-carrier delivery strategy is the place to start! Not convinced? Read on…

We all know that e-commerce is moving so fast that by the time you’ve got your head around one innovation, the next “game-changer” is rearing its head. But there are some relatively simple ways you can boost sales by improving your delivery strategy.

Because after all, if your delivery strategy is rock solid, your customers are happy and if you customers are happy you are going to make more sales. Don’t underestimate the importance of quality delivery when it comes to checkout conversion!

So, let’s get to it. Here are five ways you can increase conversion with an improved delivery strategy.

1. Save your consumers’ personalised delivery preferences

Have your customers speeding through the checkout in no time. Remembering their previous delivery choice and offering it at the top of the list of delivery options makes the process quicker, easier and more memorable for consumers.

Of course for this to work you need to have repeat customers. But with form-fields being a well know sales-killer, once you’ve shown how easy it is to check out with your brand they are bound to be coming back for more. You can also increase the chance of repeat customers with tailered marketing campaigns, or discounts when creating an account.

2. Deliver anywhere and everywhere you can with a with multi-carrier strategy

This one is pretty straightforward. By offering more delivery options, in more delivery destinations, you improve your chances of cart conversion. People are leading busier lives and are less available, so missed deliveries are on the increase. Pickup points or parcel lockers are secure delivery points when home delivery is not an option, and guarantee first-time delivery. Same-day services or evening delivery also decrease the chances of missing a delivery attempt. Sending orders directly to PUP’s can equal savings of around €1,00 PER SHIPMENT…

Click and collect is another great option, encouraging your customers to pick up their orders in your brand-shop. In doing so, you also increase the chance of additional sales. Half of consumers that choose click and collect end up making additional purchases!

Paazl displays all pick-up points from multiple delivery carriers and own-brand stores on an interactive map. We also include opening times so your customers know when to go as well as where to go.

3. Provide Track & Trace on returns as well as outbound deliveries

It is pretty standard practice to send out track and trace updates when you are shipping your packages out to your customers. What is less common is for this to work the other way around.

Returns are one of the biggest pain points in e-commerce. Just think how many times you have kept something your weren’t convinced about, just because there was too much hassle in sending it back to the brand.

Make life a little easier for your customers in 2021 by making tracking updates on return shipments part of your delivery strategy.

4. Be more specific

This continues in a similar vein to point 3. Your consumers are making a conscious choice to buy with you, and for them convenience is key. They don’t have much time to sit around waiting for a delivery, and even if they did, they don’t want to!

Consumers want specifics and details. They want to know when their delivery will be arriving. That means the day and if possible the hour. And they want this information before they part with their money.

That’s why you need software which calculates the delivery options on each order so you can offer time slots and an accurate estimated time of arrival in the pre-purchase stage. Software like Paazl’s Checkout Widget, for example.

5. Go green

A sustainable delivery option has become the most important element in the checkout. 50% of consumers are willing to pay more from environmentally friendly retailers, so don’t forget to have a green or sustainable delivery option as part of your multi-carrier strategy.

We’ve written a whole blog about sustainable delivery. But in a nutshell, traditional offline shoppers have a carbon footprint of almost twice that of online shoppers. That sounds positive, but as a brand or retailer you have the responsibilty to make your delivery experience match your customer’s expectations, and that includes topics like sustainability.

Especially interesting is the theme of “sustainability of missed deliveries.” This is where pickup points and parcel lockers can shine! Sending shipments to these two delivery option negates the chance of a missedfirst-time delivery.

Conclusion: Go multi-carrier!

Are you ready to give your conversion a much needed boost? Paazl can help you across the 5 key touchpoints of the delivery journey:



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