3 reasons that a multi-carrier shipping platform is vital

By Paazl
June 10, 2020

In a world where the consumer reigns supreme, convenience, cost and creativity are usually the things that separate great e-commerce experiences from average ones. Gone are the days of accepting just one payment method, or offering a single delivery option to your customers. Despite the fact that having only one carrier can arguably simplify the shipping process (more on this later), employing a multi-carrier shipping strategy with a trusted partner is vital to maintaining the competitive edge. With people being constantly between work, office, social engagements and more, flexibility is key to providing a memorable customer experience.


So why exactly does it make sense to offer more than one shipping option? And how do you do that, without getting lost in a maze of complexity? Let’s explore:

1. Cost-Saving

Managing multiple integrations with multiple carriers can become an expensive affair. Costs include integration, maintenance, development and other overheads. One of our customers was able to realise a 46% saving over 6 years, on these costs.

Paazl saves you both time and money, by offering a single Rest API integration which provides you access to 40+ carriers and hundreds of various delivery options.

To learn more about cost and time-saving with Paazl in our Hans Anders case-study.

2. Happy, Engaged Customers

Variety is the spice of life, right? The era of e-commerce has also delivered a new level of customer expectation, one in which the customer wants to choose where, when and how they receive their package. In many places, next-day delivery is offered as standard and, in many cases, for free. More than half of retailers (51%) offer same-day delivery and 65% plan to offer it within two years. To add to this stat, 61% of customers are willing to pay more for same day delivery. This proves that speed is essential, even with a hefty price tag attached. The average consumer is also more aware than ever about sustainability and the environmental impact of their delivery choices. Companies like Packaly and Fietskoeriers offer same-day delivery options using e-bikes, which are a far more sustainable choice, and one which many consumers want to have available to them.

3. Flexibility

Peak season, pandemic, potential strike? Carriers can be hit by a number of issues that in turn can cause unwanted delays for your customers. Using multiple carriers essentially offers your business a degree of immunity. If your one and only carrier is on strike for example, your entire warehouse could be shut down and could potentially have huge financial consequences. When using Paazl’s multi-carrier software, you can simply deselect that carrier, and that option will no longer be displayed in the checkout. Your orders will therefore only be sent with the carriers that you have chosen so display.

Another good example occurred during the recent global lockdowns. Pickup points and in-store pickup were no longer able to be used for delivery purposes. In this case, Paazl’s easy configuration allows you to simply turn those options off, as well as to quickly change your messaging in the checkout, to warn your consumers of possible delays.

Take a look at our Paazl Checkout Widget blog to learn more about how we can help your e-commerce business offer the ultimate flexibility experience.


Each carrier has different strengths, so one will never be able to cover all your needs. Furthermore, your customers expect choice, which makes a multi-carrier shipping strategy vital. Implementing a multi-carrier strategy also gives you room to negotiate costs and save money. Finally, easy configuration and flexibility can save you time and money when carrier issues arise.


Do you already offer the ultimate customer journey?

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