12 of the best e-commerce checkouts on the web

By Paazl
October 17, 2018

Customers who have made it as far as the checkout stage are pretty serious about making a purchase. But how do you give them that extra nudge into pressing “buy now”? A fully optimised checkout could be the answer. We have searched the web to bring you 12 of the best e-commerce checkouts around. Let’s see what makes a great checkout and how you can adapt your e-commerce checkout to increase conversion and turn browsers into buyers.

1. Amazon

We might as well start at the obvious place. What makes a good e-commerce checkout? Speed. Amazon’s e-commerce checkout seriously excels in repeat purchases. By remembering delivery addresses and payment details,  their existing customers can glide through the checkout process in seconds.

2. Mulberry

Luxury accessories brand Mulberry win points for their simple, sleek checkout. By using lots of white space their call to actions are highlighted. They also cleverly recommend care products – such as this leather gel – based on the item being purchased, a great method to boost sales and increase customer care.

3. John Lewis

Rulers of the British high-street, John Lewis have a simple and easy-to-navigate checkout. We were especially impressed with how they ask their customers to select their delivery option first.

One of the major reasons for cart abandonment in e-commerce is lack of delivery information and so by tackling this first, if the desired option or cost is unavailable they are not left frustrated at being dragged through the rest of the process.

4. Superdry

When it comes to in-checkout delivery information Superdry can do no wrong. They ask their customers to select their delivery option first in the checkout process, providing multiple options and stating the price for each. They then provide an estimated delivery date depending on the choice. Superdry automatically fill in the delivery address, so form filling is kept to a minimum.

5. No Label


We felt the No Label checkout deserved a mention because of their attention to customer service. If one of No Label’s customers run into any issues they have the option to call, email or chat online to a customer service agent. We like how they have put a face and name to their customer service agent, Sharon, whilst still managing to keep a minimal feel to their checkout.

6. Crate & Barrel

Next we look across the Atlantic to home accessories brand Crate & Barrel. We were on the Dutch version of their website and were impressed at the choice of delivery options seeing as we are not in their main market.

There were two express delivery options available, one standard and one postal delivery service. The estimated shipping speed and cost were clearly communicated, and importing costs were explained for each option. A great example of in-checkout delivery information for overseas shipments.

We were interested to see that in the top right-hand corner of the page Crate & Barrel ask for feedback on their checkout process. Whether this information is useful or not, it is clear that having an optimised checkout is important to this brand.

7. Schuh

Schuh have an enclosed checkout, which we like, and they provide details on their ‘Easy 365 Day Returns’ policy in their header. This is great practice because e-commerce customers are often thinking about the possibility of returning their item before they complete their purchase. E-commerce returns can be a pain, therefore this additional information will reassure customers that if the item is not right it can be returned easily.

8. Joules

Joules deserve a place in this list because they have made their checkout simple and user-friendly. We especially like the use of icons to draw attention to their delivery options. Although we would like to see estimated delivery times or dates next to each choice.

9. Whistles

E-commerce checkouts are often long and frustrating. So customers want to know where they are in the checkout process and how long they have left. Best practice is to include some kind of progress indicator in the checkout screen. We like the use of a bright colour in this one from fashion-brand, Whistles because it is clear and in-keeping with their look and feel.

10. Debenhams

The Debenhams’s checkout impressed us with their choice of premium delivery options. We liked how they offer their customers the option of next-day and nominated-day delivery and they display it in a calendar-style format so their customers can pick and choose the time that is most convenient.

11. Boden

We have identified the best practice to be when e-commerce checkouts let their customers pick their delivery option first. With this in mind we have included Boden in this list because they ask their customers to make their delivery choice before even asking for their email address. Great to see that some brands are putting delivery at the forefront of their checkout process!

12. ASOS

No surprises here! We know that we give ASOS a lot of love on our blog, but that’s because they keep on impressing us.

They have one of the smoothest e-commerce checkouts we have seen. ASOS have an extensive menu of delivery options at all price points. They adapt their payment options depending on the market, for example iDEAL the preferred payment method in the Netherlands is available on deliveries to Dutch addresses.

Another smart feature is that when a customer adds an item to their cart it is held for an hour. If the customer does not complete their purchase within an hour the item is moved to the saved items area. So the customer can easily find their favourite products if they chose to come back later to complete their purchase.

A feature, which is especially handy for a website with thousands of products!


So that was our pick of the 12 best e-commerce checkouts on the web. What do they all have in common? They are user-friendly and simple, focusing on the main pieces of information, delivery methods, prices and payment options. E-commerce checkouts are about conversion and we think these checkouts have mastered the art of turning browsers into buyers.

For more inspiration check out our 10 precious ways to improve your e-commerce checkout blog post, or download our whitepaper to see how 25 fashion brands scored when we rated them on the quality of their pre-checkout delivery information.


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