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10 Green reasons to choose PostNL

This article about Delivering Sustainability: Door-to-door with net zero CO2 was written by PostNL. Click on the button below to visit their website and learn more!

Door-to-door with net zero CO2

At PostNL we take our responsibilities seriously. Which is why we do everything we can to reduce CO₂ emissions. Together with our partners and suppliers. For example, we increasingly drive electric and deliver by bike. And we’re replacing fossil fuels with sustainable alternatives. And where we can’t yet reduce our CO₂ emissions, we will compensate. Which means we can guarantee that from 1 January 2022 your mail and packages will be delivered door-to-door with net zero CO₂ emissions. More than enough green reasons to choose PostNL. And we have provided a clear overview of all these green reasons in an infographic. You can download it by clicking the button below, or you can read on to see the 10 green reasons to choose PostNL.

1. Less air in your packaging

On average, roughly 50% of packaging is air. That means more cardboard than necessary and therefore fewer packages in one van. Obviously bad for the environment. By packing your shipment smarter, you deliver less air. This makes your logistics process more efficient and sustainable. We can advise you about your packaging process and with our 1,400 different packages, we can always find a suitable solution for you.

2. Green first-mile bulk transport

We are replacing fossil fuels in our trucks with sustainable alternatives. Allowing us to maximize our use of renewable diesel (HVO100), so that we produce 90% less CO₂ emissions. We also use BIO-LNG in our trucks. By 2023, for almost half of all our bulk transport kilometres we’ll be using sustainable fuels.

3. Cleaner International Transport

In collaboration with TU Delft, we have developed a calculation method for our choice of air transport that now includes CO₂ emissions. So we select aircraft that emit less CO₂ and increasingly use trucks within Europe as an alternative to air transport. Resulting in significantly fewer CO₂ emissions.

4. 100% CO₂ emission-free sorting

Your mail and packages are sorted 100% CO₂ emission-free in our sorting centres. Where solar panels, efficient energy use and the purchase of green energy make them amongst the most sustainable centres in the Netherlands. So that the CO₂ footprint of our sorting centres is zero.

5. Last-mile delivery using green energy

To deliver your mail and packages as sustainably as possible in the last mile, we use emission-free vehicles as much as we can. We already have a huge number of electric buses, bikes, cargo bikes and scooters. And are continuously scaling these numbers up. And for 220 years now we’ve been delivering letters and small packages using only the leg power of our deliverers. So more than 90% of our mail delivery already is emission-free.

6. City Hubs

To help towards a liveable environment, we bundle the shipments that come in from all over at city hubs on the outskirts of ten cities. This means fewer transport journeys and less disturbance. From there, we deliver using 100% electric vehicles. Making the logistics to final delivery points within cities more sustainable. In The Hague, for example, this has already resulted in 40% fewer transportation journeys and up to 75% fewer CO₂ emissions per location.

7. Delivery direct from your store

We help you make the door-to-door distance your package has to travel as short as possible. By delivering orders directly from one of your local stores to the consumer. Within the same city, we do this by bicycle. And otherwise via our efficient network across the Netherlands. This considerably reduces both transport journeys and CO₂ emissions.

8. Delivery when convenient

PostNL’s various delivery options mean your customers can say when they want to receive their package. This increases the chances of a successful first-time delivery. We also have domestic package safes and deliver packages through the letterbox. We’re also introducing more and more package and letter vending machines, where consumers can collect their packages 24/7. This range of solutions also means we cover far fewer unnecessary kilometres.

9. Insight into your CO₂ emissions

Knowledge is power. Which is why you get a quarterly report giving you insight into your CO₂ emissions per package. And showing you the size of the remaining share of CO₂ emissions that PostNL compensates for you.

10. Compensating CO₂

Despite a growing number of packages, we’ve set ourselves an ambitious target. By 2030, we want to deliver all mail and packages completely emission-free. We’ll do this with concrete plans to keep reducing CO₂ emissions per kilometre year on year. And until then, we’ll compensate any outstanding CO2 emissions. So from 1 January 2022, we guarantee net zero CO₂ emissions door-to-door.

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