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Two neighbours sharing an idea. This is our story.

Ramon&Bernard_hi Paazl was founded in 2009. But the story begins earlier. Starting at Bernard, who at the time was working at one of the world’s largest parcel carriers. He was also heading a successful e-commerce company in christmas trees and accessories . Then there is Ramon who, before starting Paazl, worked at a large financial company advising tech ventures. Leading a busy business life naturally made him the avid online shopper he still is to this day. Being neighbours in Amsterdam, the two often met for drinks and dinners.

Two neighbours, one idea

Ramon en Bernard discovered they shared an annoyance: how come when you order online, you have to stay home all day waiting for your parcel to arrive? There had to be a better way. Which is where the idea for Paazl was born: software that allows online consumers to decide where, when and how a parcel is delivered. Whilst taking all the hassle out of shipping for those selling online. Not long after both neighbours quit their jobs to start Paazl.

Why is Paazl called Paazl?

Soon the first developers were hired, most of who were from abroad. Thus English was spoken. Most of us correctly pronounced the word parcel, but a developer from New-Zeeland made it sound more like ‘Pah-zul’. And since we want to do things a bit differently, this word stuck and our company name was born.

Where are we now?

Today, leading online retailers and e-fulfilment companies rely on our software for managing their shipments and returns. Clients vary, from ambitious entrepreneurs to some of the largest companies in e-commerce. Taken together our clients represent tens of thousands of parcels each day being sent all over the globe. Making Paazl the Benelux market leader in Delivery Management Software. A position we want to keep. Which is why a dedicated team of developers, logistics experts and lovers of online retail continuously work on improving and expanding our suite of software solutions. Still headed by neighbours Bernard and Ramon.

Our vision

It’s the consumer, stupid! Successful online retailers know that offering outstanding service is the best way to convert visitors and delight customers. So whether it is the unique products you carry, the payment options you offer, or the delivery experience you create: listen closely to the demands of modern customers. And be prepared to change, as competitors catch up and customer wishes evolve.

Why successful companies come to us

With changes in e-commerce come changes in the services offered by carriers. We see it as our mission to help online retailers embrace these constant changes and turn them into success. With software that provides access to virtually any type of shipping. Creating the best delivery and return experience for your online customers. That allows you to ship to all parts of the globe. While making your logistics processes as efficient as possible.

License to innovation

Which why Paazl is Software-as-a-Service: constantly improving cloud-based technology, instead of rigid on-site software. So get your license to innovation today.

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